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What is a Girlfriend Application Form?

Tired of a lousy lovelife? Or perhaps done with all the boring blind dates? Looking for something fresh? Then you have come to the right place. You can use our application form to search for your one true love!

A Girlfriend Application Form is to be filled by individuals that are looking to become girlfriends. The form is designed to measure and assess the personality and character of the applicant to ensure compatibility. You can easily apply to bring the joie de vivre back into your life!

Applicants can upload their photos to increase attraction of this form. Also note that the recipient is entitled to double check information for any given details such as contact information, personal information, dating history along with dating preferences if needed.

How to Fill out a Girlfriend Application Form?

Filling the Girlfriend Application Form is quite easy. Once you have gathered all relevant information and properly read the form it is time to fill it in.

We have compiled step-by-step instructions that you can follow while filling your form. This will help eliminate any errors.

STEP 1: Enter Basic Information

Box 1 Name: Provide your Full Name in the box.

Box 2 Address: Enter your current Address.

Box 3 Nickname: Type your nickname

Box 4 Eye Color: Enter your eye color

Box 5 Natural Hair Color: Your natural hair color

Box 6 Current Hair Color: (If you have dyed your hair)

Box 7 Height: Accurate height to be entered in the box.

Weight: If you are less or greater than 100 lb, or 175 lb. Circle the correct option.

Girlfriend application form basic info

STEP 2: Provide Your Contact Details

Box 1 Home Phone: Enter your home phone number.

Box 2 Cell Phone: Enter your cell phone.

Box 3 IM Name: (AIM preferred)

Box 4 Email: Enter the email that you personally use.

Girlfriend application form contact info

STEP 3: Box Ticking

Once you have filled all the required boxes above, proceed to Section 3. Tick the box that best describes your personality. Please refrain from providing misinformation.

NOTE: If you have answered any question with ‘Yes’, you might be deemed as inappropriate for this application and you might stop here

However, if you qualify proceed onwards to Section 4.

STEP 4: Give Personal Info

Girlfriend application form box ticking

In Section 4, you are required to give information about yourself such as education and personal views.

Box 1: Provide your highest level of education by circling the provided option.

Box 2: What is your religion if any.

Box 3: Enter your political views if you have any.

Box 4: If you have any siblings then circle the Yes box if not then circle No.

Box 5: Enter your sibling’s name and age.

Box 6: Please enter the name of the movie that is your favorite.

Box 7: Circle the name of mentioned movies if you have watched any.

Box 8: If you are distracted by shiny objects kindly circle Yes if not then, No.

Box 9: Type two genres of music that you listen to the most.

Box 10: If you like any game and a sports team write down their names in the box given.

Box 11: Select Yes or No if you are interested in knowing how to ski or snowboard.

Box 12: If you are earning then select Yes if not then, No.

Box 13: Mention your source of income if you have any at the moment.

Box 14: Enter whether you believe in time travel or what are your thoughts on time traveling.

Box 15: Enter the model/type of the car that you are currently driving.

Girlfriend application form section 4

STEP 5: Give Short Answers

If you have completed step 4 you can start filling out section 5 where you have to answer a few short questions as requested.

Box 1: Use 3-4 adjectives that best describe you and one noun. Type your answer in the box.

Box 2: What do you think a perfect date would be like? Share your thoughts.

Box 3:Using a single sentence answer why you can be the best choice for a girlfriend.

Box 4: Write down your attributes/skills that can be useful for this position.

Girlfriend application form section 5
Girlfriend application form car

STEP 6: Previous Dating Details

In this step, you are asked to describe your previous dating life in detail. Start with the most recent breakup and then move forward.

Box 1: Enter the name of your most recent ex-boyfriend.

Box 2 and 3: Enter the duration of your dating life with the most recent ex-boyfriend.

Box 4: Select if you were the one who ended the relationship or your boyfriend?

Box 5: Enter the reason why you broke up.

If you have more than one partner then proceed to the next boxes. Repeat the same steps as mentioned above.

Girlfriend application form section 6


After completing step 6 provide us with three references who can back the information provided by you. Write down their names and their contact numbers as well.

Girlfriend application form section 7


Once you have filled and provided all the information, sign the certification section. You take complete responsibility that the information provided is true and not false.

Box 1: Enter the date at which you filled the form.

Box 2: Candidates are to sign the application form after going through all the information provided.

Girlfriend application form signature

What is a Girlfriend Application Form Used for?

The girlfriend application form allows you to quickly gather necessary information with straightforward and well-crafted questions. You can use the information to find a suitable match who could be your future partner. Just send this form to a girl who is interested in you, and you can know more about her.

This girlfriend application form can also serve as a test for the girls who are chasing after you. While some of them might give up exposing themselves to you, there are others who will open their mind and show you everything.

Fill your application form right now if you are on the lookout for a potential partner. We guarantee to match you with the perfect person! No more waiting, let us be your cupid’s arrow

Additional Girlfriend Application Form Resources

Below are some resources that can help guide you fill out your Girlfriend Application form. If you need any help consult here!

Embark on the journey to love and find yourself the one who you have been waiting for!

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